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Your German Teacher. Over 100 fantastic videos!

Your German Teacher. Over 100 fantastic videos!, How Learn German
Luzi und Johannes

Your German Teacher the Story

Some years ago, both of us landed somehow in Taiwan, where we started to work as German DaF teachers at the same language school… and still do so. At some point, we planned to open our own school. Due to lack of experience, miscalculation AND bad luck, our first enterprise together was quickly finished shortly before our opening day.

A couple of years later, we started to make YouTube videos in order to reach more students. Started with Instagram and other social medias. Which one do you know us from? 😏

Over 100 videos later and lots of positive feedback from German learners all over the world, we decided to go a bit further and start our first own online German language school. And here you are! Thanks for being a part of our story!

Vielen Dank!

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