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Conjugate the German verb: tun (to do)

In this post, we’ll go through the German verb:  tun (to do)

  • Hast du heute viel zu tun? Do you to do a lot today?
  • Ich habe viel zu tun. I’ve a lot to do.
  • Ich habe viel zu Hause zu tun. I’ve a lot to do at home.
  • Ich habe den ganzen Tag viel zu tun. I’ve a lot to do the whole day.
  • Ich habe in den nächsten Wochen viel zu tun. I’ve a lot to do in the upcoming weeks.
  • Ich habe in den nächsten Monaten auf der Arbeit viel zu tun. I’ve a lot to do in the upcoming weeks at work.

In this next video Katja, Learn German – Deutsch für Euch, explains how to use this word. In addition to the meaning of the word itself, she also provides some very useful grammar notes:

Conjugate the verb “tun” with

Having memorized the verb “tun“, it is interesting now to understand the difference that there is with the verb “machen“.
In YouTube there are many videos that explain this difference, so I invite you to watch them by clicking on this link.

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