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Before you go
Dear visitor, despite the topic, I assure you that this is nothing illegal, so I invite you to read on to discover this fantastic opportunity.

Who is JuicyFields and what they do
JuicyFields is a medicinal cannabis crowdgrowing platform that connects people with licensed producers (first partners) and distributors (second partners) from around the world.

The scope
This revolutionary system leverages the power of partnership in commercial cultivation, keeping the economic benefits within the community level, so that the supply chain retains the money and the value. This allows the producers to expand operations to make the end-product less expensive, higher-quality, and more desirable as an export, while new e-growers (YOU) can enter the business with less risk, by removing the usual entry barriers for licensing, costs, cultivation and distribution expertise.

How it works
The simplified platform process:
1) Electronic growers (
You) purchase clones on the JuicyFields platform.
JuicyFields enters into a contract with the first authorised partner for cultivation and other services.
3) After harvest, the first partner sells the high-THC products under a contract of intent with a second partner.
JuicyFields receives its share of the value of transaction X.
JuicyFields pays the amount Y to the e-grower (You).

Please read our Greenpaper to simplify your interpretation of our platform.

🪴 JoicyFields - Grow cannabis. It’s profitable! 🪴 JuicyField JuicyField

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