Online German dictionaries

German is a fascinating but complex language which is useful for a career and which more and more people are learning on their own. To understand the meanings of words and learn how to use them to the best effect, you need a good German dictionary.

online german dictionaries

In this post, you will find some useful links to online German dictionaries. They are much more practical than paper dictionaries. Online dictionaries are quick and easy to use, ideal when you want to look up some terms. In addition to the online dictionary, you can also use Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. You type in the term and find the definition or explanation. I strongly advise against using translators such as Google Translator, Babelfish or DeepL.

Although, they are useful because you can paste whole parts of text into them, sometimes, the translations that come out of them can be a bit strange, so it is always better to spend more time translating a sentence yourself. The result is definitely better!
Here are some lists of dictionaries that can be consulted online, both bilingual and monolingual.

Online German dictionaries are visibly improving year after year.
They are a valuable research tool, excellent for quick, immediate and free consultation.

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