Conjugate the German verb: spenden (to donate)

In this post, we’ll go through the German verb: spenden (to donate).

This is a regular (weak verb) and uses the auxiliary verb haben to form the present perfect. It can be used also with the preposition für + Accusative case.

Let’s start with the main conjugated forms for the German verb spenden:

Present Tense – PräsensCompound Past Tense (Present Perfect) –  PerfektSimple Past Tense – Präteritum
ich spendeich habe gespendetich spendete
du spendestdu hast gespendet du spendetest
er/sie/es spendeter/sie/es hat gespendet er/sie/es spendete
wir spendenwir haben gespendet wir spendeten
ihr spendetihr habt gespendet ihr spendetet
Sie/sie spendenSie/sie haben gespendet Sie/sie spendeten
For all other conjugations, click on this link (

Now, thanks to simple sentences, we try to better understand the meaning of the German verb spenden and to memorize it.

  • Spendest du Blut? Do you donate blood?
  • Wie oft spendest du Blut? How often do you donate blood?
  • Ich spende einmal pro Monat Blut. I donate blood once a month.
  • Ich spende dreimal pro Jahr Blut. I donate blood 3 times a year.
  • Hast du schonmal Blut gespendet? Have you ever donated blood?
  • Er spendete seiner Schwester eine Niere. He donated a kidney to his sister.
  • Der Erlös des Benefizkonzerts wird einem Kinderhilfswerk gespendet. The proceeds of the benefit concert will be donated to a children’s charity.
  • Der Baum spendet Schatten. The tree provides shade.
  • Die Sonne spendet der Erde Licht und Wärme. The sun provides light and warmth to the earth.
  • Der Priester spendet die Taufe. The priest performs the baptism.
  • Der Erzbischof spendete den Segen. The archbishop gave the blessing.

For many more examples, I recommend using the Tatoeba site. In the search field, replace the word ‘spenden‘ with other conjugated forms of the verb, e.g. ‘spendest‘, to get examples of sentences containing ‘spendest‘.

In the following video, you can listen to and learn the pronunciation of the verb spenden in its various conjugations:

Source: Youtube Chnnel “German for Busy Professionals”

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