putzen (to clean)

In this post, we’ll go through the German verb: putzen (to clean)
(source: https://www.herrprofessor.com/en/podcast/)

  • Ich putze zu Hause. I do the cleaning at home.
  • Wer putzt bei euch zu Hause? Who does the cleaning at your house?
  • Mein Mann putzt bei uns zu Hause. My husband does the cleaning at our house.
  • Wann putzt ihr die Wohnung? When do you clean the apartment?
  • Sonntags putzen wir die Wohnung. On Sundays we clean the apartment.
  • Samstags putzen wir nicht zu Hause. On Saturdays we don’t clean at home.

In this next video Manuel, Herr Professor, explains how to use this word. In addition to the meaning of the word itself, he also provides some very useful grammar notes:

Learning example sentences with the verb “putzen” (verbformen.de)

Learning example sentences with the verb “putzen” (tatoeba.org)

Conjugation of the verb “putzen” (verbformen.de)

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