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HiNative Q&A

HiNative is all about the languages and cultures of the world. It is a service where you are free to ask questions to native speakers from around the world via your smartphone.

Questions are easy to make thanks to our pre-established question formats and they are just as easy to answer as well! Questions can be asked with a simple word and they are also automatically translated to the language of other native speakers.

However, HiNative is much more than just a Q&A platform!

  • Question about: Konjunktiv 2 + würde + Infinitiv

    Konjunktiv 2 + würde + Infinitiv

    Question: Hello everyone,Could you tell me which is the most correct form?1) Wenn ich Deutsch besser verstehen würde, würde ich haben mehr Möglichkeiten zu arbeiten2) Wenn ich Deutsch besser verstehen…