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Learn German by guessing the words!

Want to learn German quickly and with Fun? Than install our Android App “Learn German by guessing the words!”
It is the right words game for you. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to learn German while having fun and spending only a few minutes a day!

The App can be used by everyone, beginners but also by those who already know the basics of the language or is already at a more advanced level. The fun will not miss anyway!

So, do you want to learn, like to many other people in the world, the German language? Then you just have to install our App for free.

Discover all the words and phrases divided by topic and learn German for free on your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll start to see the first results right away!

An excellent tool for those who want to learn to speak German in a short time, without too much stress and boring grammar lessons.

In addition to verbs and names, you will also find sample phrases to better understand the meaning of words seen in particular contexts. This will help you in all circumstances, on your travels, at work and in your everyday life.

Why you should install our App:

1) You learn whole sentences that allow you to better understand the meaning of individual words.

2) You must discover the words by playing the game of the hanged man. In this way you will have fun, stay motivated and learn faster.

3) If some terms are not yet clear, the App allows you to see some photos through which you can better understand the meaning of the words. It also allows you to deepen your study through the integration of the best free online translation services available such as DeepL, Leo and Reverso Context.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning German with “Learn German by guessing the words!

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