verlassen (to leave)

In this post, we’ll go through the German verb: verlassen (to leave)

  • Ich verlasse dich für immer. I’m leaving you for good.
  • Warum verlässt du mich? Why are you leaving me?
  • Wann hat er dich verlassen? When did he leave you?
  • Er hat mich letztes Jahr verlassen. He left me last year.
  • Sie hat ihn letztes Jahr verlassen. She left him last year.
  • Er hat sie nicht verlassen. He didn’t leave her.

In this next video Manuel, Herr Professor, explains how to use this word. In addition to the meaning of the word itself, he also provides some very useful grammar notes:

Learning example sentences with the verb “verlassen” (

Learning example sentences with the verb “verlassen” (

Conjugation of the verb “verlassen” (

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