In this post, we’ll go through the German verb: fordern (to request)

  • Ich fordere mehr Pünktlichkeit. I demand more punctuality.
  • Ich fordere mehr Zusammenarbeit von Ihnen. I demand more collaboration from you.
  • Sie fordern zu viel von mir. You demand too much from me.
  • Er fordert zu viel von euch. He demands too much from you.
  • Ich fordere von Ihnen, dass Sie immer pünktlich sind. I demand from you to be always punctual.
  • Ich fordere von dir, dass du morgen pünktlich bist. I demand from you to be punctual tomorrow.

In this next video Manuel, Herr Professor, explains how to use this word. In addition to the meaning of the word itself, he also provides some very useful grammar notes:

Conjugate the verb “fordern” with