In this post, we’ll go through the German verb: kennenlernen (to get to know)

  • Heute lerne ich meine Kollegen kennen. Today I will get to know my colleagues.
  • Ich lerne deinen Chef kennen. I get to know your boss.
  • Am Dienstag lerne ich meinen Chef kennen. On Tuesday I will get to know my boss.
  • Ich möchte dich besser kennenlernen. I would like to get to know you better.
  • Wann hast du ihn kennengelernt? When did you get to know him?
  • Am Freitag habe ich meinen Boss kennengelernt. On Friday I got to know my boss.

In this next video Manuel, Herr Professor, explains how to use this word. In addition to the meaning of the word itself, he also provides some very useful grammar notes:

Conjugate the verb “kennenlernen” with