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Are you a beginner and want to learn German?
Are you thinking of going on holiday or moving to one of the 35 German-speaking countries for business purposes? Then this site is for you!

“How learn German” is a blog where FREE German language resources are collected and reorganized, which will help you to learn German or improve your conversation by spending only 10 minutes a day!

At your disposal there will be video, audio, images, Android applications and much more that will make your study much more simple and effective.

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Unlike a few years ago, it is no longer necessary to attend boring courses or buy CDs.
Today on the Internet you can find many services, free and paid (but cheap) that will allow you to achieve excellent results in a reasonable time.

But how many of these services are really effective?

There is not a universal method that is good for everyone.
I have collected the methods that I have considered most valid and that have helped me to improve the understanding of the German language.

German is a language very difficult, but at the same time fascinating.

I will constantly update the blog by inserting new verbs to memorize and new topics of grammar.
Watch the videos and use the memorization apps that will help you with new sentences or words.

If you like, you can join discussion groups created through WowApp or Telegram, so we can exchange ideas and tips on studying German.

Thanks for your visit and good learning!

Start learning German by playing and having fun